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Unlock the full potential of your land

Outright Sale

This strategy is preferred when the land owner favours extra profit for their land now, opposed to securing additional profits at a later date with other strategies, which inherently carry more risk.

William Rose Developments can offer tailored solutions to land owners looking sell their land or site without first going to the inconvenience or uncertainty or securing planning consent themselves. We will consider all scenarios, working with, rather than against the land owners and local authorities to deliver the best possible outcome for all parties.

 An assessment of the associated risks and thorough due diligence process will determine if the land is suitable for residential development. William rose development will offer a premium against the current market value of the land where the is the opportunity to secure a planning uplift.

 Regardless of the way you choose to move forwards, we can match any offer received by any large housebuilder or developer.

Land Promotion

We use our knowledge, experience and expertise to secure planning permission on your site. Ensuring innovative design and layout maximises the Gross Development value (GDV) of the scheme.

Upon securing planning permission and the new valuation, the land will be sold to a third party with the promoter taking a share of the sale price. The size, location, risks and chances of success determine the share of profits agreed preliminarily.

Why a land promotion agreement?

Our goals are in line with the land owners, the higher the achieved GDV, the higher the profit gained for both parties. In short team of dedicated professionals will ensure the highest returns are achieved. We are commercially minded but also believe in the power of bespoke design to create beautiful and unique places for residents, old and new.

The vendors share is considerably higher than the current land value once planning is achieved, only when we’ve undertaken some careful due diligence and assessed the associated risks of securing planning for a residential development on the site, will we press ahead using our funding and expertise to secure a successful planning application.

Once planning is achieved we place the site on open market (highest bid), we can offer the site to specialised estate agents; or through selective tendering, offer the site to larger housebuilders/ developers.

There are no costs to the land owner, we will cover the solicitors fees for the land promotion agreement, the planning costs and sales fees whilst absorbing the associated risks.

The land promotion agreement is flexible and accommodates the owners needs, the process can also be completely confidential with neighbours/ local communities only being notified once a planning submission is submitted.

Land development

William Rose Developments will develop the the land and utilise a Land Purchase Option Agreement, which is a contract between the land owner and the developer.

This strategy is usually preferrable to land owners wanting to maximise the their returns on the land and is the best option financially for smaller sites including minor developments.

We will commit to using our expertise, funding and knowledge of the local planning systems to secure planning permission with the aim of maximising the Gross Development Value (GDV) of the scheme.

Once planning is secured we will exercise the the option agreement and purchase the land at the agreed value, often much more than the current market value of the land without planning permission.

William Rose developments will then develop the land and build the approved residential scheme, upholding the highest standards and commitment to excellence in order to attract potential buyers to purchase their new homes and becoming future residents.

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